Bright Copper Kettles


Everyone has their THING; their favorite thing that makes them who they are. Looking back on this past week, I was reminded that those favorite things are really what make me ME.  And everyone has one or two.

I am dreading the winter weather. The anticipation of snow and wind, COLD DARK stormy days and nights……(shiver) just makes me queasy. So now more than ever, I revert to all of those things that make me smile inside. For me, it’s not just about being thankful for all that I have (which I am!) or embracing every moment (which I do!), it’s also about knowing who I am and no matter where I am in my life or what season it is, I am happy because of what I surround myself with. My family, my friends, teaching, music, good food, dancing (always dancing!), the beach (even if just memories) and laughter.

Fortunately, my job gave me an opportunity to enjoy one of my most favorite things this past week; the beach. Though I had to work full days, my wonderful friend and colleague and I made time to escape to the beach very early each morning and a few minutes during the day. I realized during those special times that it was just what I was needing to feel rejuvenated and ME. Being near the water, made me feel at home, comforted and happy. I was lucky enough to spend time with a good friend, soak up some sun (and LOTS of rain) and feel the warmth of healing salt water. I guess it had to be some sort of endorphin that kicked in and took over all of the negativity that was floating around inside me.

My friend and I complimented each other well this week as I embraced her favorite thing; hot tubs and she, mine; the beach. Other colleagues and professionals around us had their favorite things too; coffee, talking a lot, working a lot, talking about work, wine, food and running. There is so much I can learn from other people and expanding my horizons. But in truth, I am happiest in my own favorite things.

So even though I am dreading winter and the cold that I know is upon us. I am embracing it by always thinking of my happy place and knowing it’s out there just waiting for me whenever I want it even if just in my thoughts. For now, I stay warm as I write this by having a fire in the back yard at breakfast-time, drinking my weekend coffee with Baileys, listening to my favorite music and WRITING. Pretty awesome, I must say. This week is about being THANKFUL. There is an abundance of gratitude in my heart; for every life lesson, for the opportunity to teach, for my husband and my children, my family and my friends. My soul is comforted by these favorite things too. Setting my week in motion; I vow to do the work I love to do, laugh with my family as much as I possibly can and oh yeah….dance. I hope you remember your favorite thing(s) this week and every week to come too. It’s too important to forget.

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