A Walt Quote

Walt Disney knew all too well about commitment. He modeled a behavior we all admire…or at least I do.

I think if we want to accomplish anything in our lives, we need to commit to it. If we want to be in better shape, we have to be committed exercising, eating right and doing all the things that keep us healthy in spirit, mind and body. If we don’t have a commitment to it, then what good is the goal in the first place?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word committed? Some might think straitjacket and padded walls or marriage. Others may think about true dedication, hard work and being loyal to something you believe in.
To me, being committed could be a combination of all three. If I am not committed to what I’m doing or what I believe in, then I might as well be committed as I think I would lose my mind.

Our daily lives are filled with various random commitments. We accept meetings and calendar calendar invites, we tell people we will go somewhere or do something with them.  We do these things all while resolving to actually be good at something.  I don’t know about you, but I wake up every morning telling myself that it’s going to be a good and productive day. That’s a commitment. That is something I am telling myself I am going to be committed to do. I’m going to try my hardest to do what I think is best in order to have a good and productive day. Whether that actually happens or not is another story. When I think about the activities for the day, it not only includes my work projects, but also my job as a Mother of two young boys.

My life responsibilities are all wrapped up in this warped and twisted ball of wax in which I have to decipher between what is normal and regular work, what is required and just what are my expectations and responsibilities of raising children. As I teach my children life lessons, I find that one lesson could conceivably be easier for them to understand than another.  But the true lesson for me as a parent is that some lessons are actually harder to teach than I ever realized.  (Empathy, respect, healthy eating). Sometimes I simply don’t know how to teach the right thing at the right time. Every day I try to prepare myself for what my kids are going to ask me or how they’re going to act or what they’re going to do. But what I realized is that is basically impossible to predict and quite a lesson in itself. A lesson for the parent.

As parents, we seem to think we have it all figured out because we have been through childhood and we know what’s going to happen.  We foolishly go into parenting thinking we will have complete control over our children.  Reality is discovered when our children react differently than we expected and we are caught off guard and are unsure how to process that data!  In the moment, the lack of patience and time cause us to explode because we are faced with having to deal with behavior outside of our expectations and the outcome is yet another lesson. However, this lesson is one we give to our children without even realizing it.  In this situation, we are teaching our children how to react to uncertainty.

As a parent, I know I need to be committed to every lesson; modeling the good behavior I expect from my children.  As an employee, I need to be committed to doing the best job I can do prioritizing and working through obstacles, change and rude people. For myself, I need to wake up every morning being positive and thankful for all that I have and doing the things that I need to do to take care of ME.  If I am not going to be committed to those things, then I should come to expect fired rolls, explosions, misunderstandings, health issues and ultimately my kids will learn the opposite lesson I was trying to teach.

My thought for today is really about being true to the commitments that we make. If we aspire to be good employee, then we need to say it out loud, believe it and commit to it every day. If we are going to be the best parent we can be, then we need to take that responsibility and commit to teaching our children by modeling the behavior we want to see from them no matter how hard they are to teach or how hard it is to learn. And most importantly, be committed to taking care of yourself!  This has double the benefit as it will also go a long way in modeling good behavior for your kiddos!

I am trying every day to commit to being a good employee, sister, friend, daughter, author, wife and Mother… EVERY DAY. But I still let myself down and I feel like I let others down as well. The task I am charging myself with moving forward is to try my best to make my commitment count, no matter how hard or challenging and out-of-my-expectations it happens to be. Because if I don’t do this and I don’t commit I surely will be committed.

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