If someone were to ask me what I would want the most of in this world, aside from health for my family and I, I believe my answer would be time.  Time surrounds us in every way.  There never seems to be enough of it.  So as I begin this new business venture; Breadcrumb Diaries, my goal is to actually spend all of my “work time” doing something I love rather than feeling like I am spending my time fulfilling other people’s passions.

Lack of time can truly make anyone crazy. Most times I feel there are simply not enough hours in one day.  While my children would like to sleep late each school morning, they also wish they had more time to play with their toys before school.  Instead, I sound like a crazy chicken in the morning clucking about the house “Get out of bed.”  “Get dressed.”  “Brush your teeth.”  “Put your shoes on.”  “You’re going to be late!”  And the time just slips right through our fingers once again as we scurry around rushing to get ready and out of the house on time.

Time also forces me to make decisions like which errands to run or which project I should be working on first.  Time takes me to new levels of urgency now that I never imagined when I was in my twenties.  I am time managing every hour of the day, juggling our schedules around Karate three times a week, religious education class, swimming lessons, baseball practices and games, homework, reading books, birthday parties, field trips and oh yes, let’s try schedule in some unstructured play time too!

Every day, I thank God for the wonderful people in my life that allow me to function as a human being even though I am rushed.  Like the bus driver who will stop right in front of our house on her way by if she sees my son rushing out of the house to get to the bus stop.  The awesome preschool teachers who, with their laid back nature help me take it down a notch when I am rushing the goodbye kisses/hugs at drop off.  And my son’s amazing first grade teacher who emailed me one day to let me know I had given my dairy-allergic child my other son’s cheese sandwich for lunch, that she would get him a hot lunch for that day and not to worry one bit.  My son, not worried a bit calmly told his teacher before he even opened the lunch “I know I won’t be able to eat any of what’s in here.  This is my brother’s lunch box.”

In our household, we have different temperaments about the time factor.  One child has learned how to “manage” my freak-outs about running late.  As I am rushing, dropping things along the way and scooting little bottoms out the door to karate on time, my son will calmly recite to me “Mommy, it’s not a big deal if we are late.  I will just need to ask permission to enter the dojo when I get there.  That is the worse that will happen.  It’s ok.”  Same situation, different day, different event we are rushing to, my other son will whine and shout out “You’re rushing me!  I can’t THINK when you’re rushing me!”  And he drops to the floor in tears.  In either situation, I am stopped in my tracks thinking about how our “RUSH and CRAZY” lifestyle as well as how I handle it really affects my children and I slooooow down.

Time can also help us focus better.  When we are running at mock speed, we forget the simple things like respect, manners and just smiling at each other.  Time-outs have such a negative connotation for little kids.  In our house, if my children hit or have any disrespectful contact with one another, they immediately have to sit in a time out for the amount of minutes equaling their age.  I wish someone would give me a time-out once in a while.  I would have 40 minutes to reflect on what I am not doing well and how I could improve it.  I could take a few deep breaths and realize how important staying in the now really is.  But of course, if I started making the time-out spot more spa-like, would this really be a punishment?  Should it be?  Maybe they just need that down time away from the situation.  Hmmmm….something to think about….when I have time.

I would truly like to stop time most days.  I would like to just sit and watch my children play and laugh.  I would like to play WITH them and laugh WITH them too.  I would like to play in the front yard AND the back yard just because we have enough time for both!  Someday, my children will not have enough time for me so I want to keep reminding myself that these times are so precious to embrace right now!

And so there ARE some things that I absolutely make time for every single day….I make time to hug my children and my husband every chance I get.  I make time to give them an extra kiss at night after they are already asleep.  I make time to read to them.  I make time to listen to them and look them in the eyes and tell them how much I love them.

MY passion is truly making it seem like I CAN hold on tighter to time, that I can put it in a bottle and open it whenever I want it back.  I want to share this passion and feeling of control with others.  What I hear from many people is that there is a vicious cycle that takes over and the universe shouts out loud “You don’t have time to sort all those pictures you took and create something special to remember those times.”   In most cases, it can be overwhelming to even think about where all of the pictures are; many computer folders, email, smart phone, camera, ipad, etc.   This is where I come in…to help people feel more in control of their memories and their photo time, creating photo books, calendars, video montages and so much more.

And of course, I make time for leaving our own breadcrumbs by writing, making our photo books and videos and other fun little trails.

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